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Areas of activity

3k Industrial Lighting is inclined to implement high technologies and create innovative products for building sector. 3k Industrial Group works in professional markets. It specializes in delivery of high level solutions for civil and industrial building. 3k Industrial Lighting provides its clients with ample opportunities and focuses on the under-mentioned sectors:


3k Industrial Lighting delivers innovative products and up-to-date technologies for industrial and commercial lighting, energy-efficient technology, lighting control system.



Industry solutions

3k Industrial Lighting offers solutions for dissimilar industries like industrial enterprises, logistics and warehouse complexes, trade centers and office buildings.


3k Industrial Lighting basic service package includes elaboration of technical solutions, training and consulting, technical support and project monitoring.



Availability in regions

Creation and development of regional Partners let 3k Industrial Lighting be closer to its consumer and provide it with full-fledged services of a high quality.

Researches and elaborations

3k Industrial Lighting develops implementation of innovative products and building technologies intended for enhancement of efficiency in building, maintenance, energy consumption and environment protection.



Quality improvement

Constant improvement and perfection of business processes contribute to better satisfaction of customers’ demands. Development of quality management system enables better cooperation with company’s suppliers and partners.

Alliance formation

Market alliance formation opens new opportunities to all its participants. It contributes to launching of new products and technologies, markets’ expansion and development, investigation of customers’ needs and their complete fulfillment.


Markets development

3k Industrial Lighting is a developing company. It studies tendencies of market development trying to implement innovative technologies and products thus determining new possibilities for creating successful enterprises that would contribute to social welfare.