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What is 3k Industrial Lighting

3k Industrial Lighting is a service company. Our main activity is aimed at creation of professional services related to elaboration and delivery of solutions to construction sites of end consumers. Our company provides services directly and/or through our partners throughout the entire territory of the Russian Federation.

3k Industrial Lighting is:

   — a service trademark;
   — a  provider of advanced technologies and innovative products for construction industry;
   — a  supplier of trustworthy technical solutions;
   — a  professional service provider;
   — a tool for creating efficient and economically feasible solutions.


3k Industrial Lighting delivers solutions



3k Industrial Lighting builds partnership relations

Solution is a product that includes technical project elaboration, delivery of building materials, training, technical support and assistance. 3k Industrial Lighting enables each group of clients with individually elaborated package of services for providing solutions.


3k Industrial Lighting not only delivers solutions but also makes profit for its Partners. 3k Industrial Lighting aspires to mutually profitable relations with owners of construction objects; prime contractor, construction, engineering and project organizations and maintenance services.


3k Industrial Lighting not only constantly develops but also helps others to advance


3k Industrial Lighting strives for constant progress


3k Industrial Lighting forms partnership networks in regions thus offering new opportunities to young specialists, professionals and engineering companies.

3k Industrial Lighting does its best to be closer to its consumers and provide their clients with more affordable services. That’s why our company is now developing warehouse program that would make it possible to effectuate deliveries via our regional Partners.


3k Industrial Lighting attaches great importance to such evaluation criteria as our clients, suppliers, employees and society satisfaction.

We constantly seek for new opportunities that would enable constant quality improvement of our products and services.